Q-Pulse mobile apps help Duke University Medical Center manage 300+ SOPs and perform multiple audits electronically

    The amount of paperwork that laboratory and Central Quality Assurance Unit (CQAU) staff at Duke University Medical Center had to manage during trials and audits was extremely labour intensive. The CQAU team implemented Q-Pulse, the compliance management solution developed by Ideagen, to manage their compliance needs, which includes equipment, calibration and maintenance records. Q-Pulse also helped the laboratories to respond to any non-conformances from their audits. To further enhance their Q-Pulse system, the CQAU team took advantage of Q-Pulse Docs and Q-Pulse Audit apps - extending the solution to the tablet and helping to reduce their paper load to ease the completion of clinical trials’ specimen testing.

    "The really great thing about the apps is that having everything on the tablet allows us to keep it on a clean surface and, if there is any doubt, we can simply wipe it down with ethanol."

    Chris Todd - Quality Assurance Manager
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    • Both Q-Pulse Docs and Q-Pulse Audit for iPad helped the CQAU remove the need for paper from their previous processes
    • Staff can now access all of their SOPs via Q-Pulse Docs app on the move
    • Q-Pulse Audit for iPad removed the need for paper-based auditing in the lab, while administrative overheads of rekeying findings back into their central Q-Pulse system has been removed
    • Having everything on the apps allows staff to keep and use the iPad in Biosafety Level 3 Labs (BSL) - no need for mountains of paper and several page audit checklists for each audit
    • Raise non-conformances and observations directly from the checklist module on Q-Pulse Audit for iPad